I  love this word. I especially love to see it happen—as witness, but  especially when it happens to me.  Yesterday was a perfect example…in a  chain of events…

So, becoming a celebrant happened organically  when my friend, Drew, asked me to officiate his wedding to his beloved  Greg.  I agreed, not really knowing what that entailed.  So, naturally, I  dug in and realized that having an affinity for creating events and  writing, and being of service to others, this might actually be a good  thing all around.  Consequently, I spent the summer studying, attending  conferences, and applying for, and completing, the necessary paperwork.

I  realized through all this, that one service I could provide was for the  trans-community—a naming ceremony.  Immediately, I thought of the many  trans kids at my school and concluded, that if there were this many  teens so close to my bubble, how many others are out there who’d like to  have this done?  Never considering charging anyone money for this—just  one human creating sacred space for other humans who need to feel  welcomed and special.

I lamented, too, that we already have a number of Columbus area celebrants...

water drop photo.jpg

The day my information got posted on the Humanist Society site, I got a  call…”would I be interested in performing a wedding in November?”   Um…yes…  (Maybe?   !!   I’m new at this…is this for real? Careful what  you ask for—game on 😊)  Amanda was so patient and kind with me—she said  they really only wanted to have their closest friends and family, and  have "the paper signed" because they really wanted the legalization—they  already felt married and this was a formality.  I could do formalities, right?  Of course!

We  met last night—she, her Anthony, and their lovely daughter met me for  coffee and I felt instantly comfortable.  She had the patience and  presence of my sister-in-law, Diana, who passed away suddenly 4 years  ago this October.  Talking to them was like a warm hug.

Upon  returning home, she texted me letting me know that she was involved with  running a website for our LGBTQ+ community and would I be interested in  reduced rate/free services for those oppressed by societal or  governmental pressures.  I could do equality, right?  Of course!   Little did she know, but I had just that day received my “Hate has no  Home Here” package with posters and magnets. Little did I know that the  site she worked for was called "lovetrumpshate".

Amanda "friended" me on Facebook the next day--turns out, she also loves fall and pumpkin spice lattes.

Some times things are just meant to happen.